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1869 - [Nolita -- Lower Manhattan] Map of Bayard's East Farm, Accurately Made From Old Maps, [not in Register's Office,] From Conveyances on Record from Nicholas Bayard, Sheriffs Sales, Lottery Lots &c. &c.

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Fascinating Historical Map of Nolita, with the area between Prince, Broadway, the Bowery, and Bayard Street. Superb large format, separately issued map of part of Soho in Manhattan, by one of New York's most fascinating mapmakers, John Bute Holmes....


1869 - Map of the Franklin & Robinson. Janet De Kay. Mary Clarke & Clement C. Moore Estates.

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A rare and highly detailed separate issue 1869 John Bute Holmes map of the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. The map covers from the Hudson River to 7th Avenue and from 19th to 29th street. Like all of Holmes' important neighborhood...


1869 - Colton's Map of the State of West Virginia and parts of Adjoining States . . . 1869

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Early separately issued map of West Virginia, colored by counties. One of the earliest obtainable separate maps of West Virginia, following its becoming a state in 1863. There are very few separately issued maps of WV.


1869 - Carta General Del Seno Mejicano Con Los Canales De Yucatan, Florida y Nuevo De Bahama . . . 1869

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Scarce Spanish Sea Chart of the Gulf of Mexico, from Texas and the Yucatan to Florida and Cuba. Includes notes on the direction of the currents. A note opposite the Florida keys states that "Within these limit the current is directed strongly over...


1869 - North Anna From Surveys under the direction of Bvt. Brig. Gdn. N. Michler . . . By Command of Bvt. Maj. Genl. A.A. Humphreys . . . 1867

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Fine example of this detailed map of area around North Anna. Rumsey describes the map as follows: Stephenson states these are a "detailed series of maps indicating fortifications, roads, railroads, houses, names of residents, fences, drainage,...


1869 - Chapman's Sectional Map of the State of Iowa Compiled from the United States Surveys and other authentic Sources . . . 1869

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Rare separately published antique map of Iowa, published in Milwaukee by Silas Chapman. The map is colored by counties and shows township surveys, county towns, completed railroads, railroads in progress and other details. Chapman began offering maps...


1869 - The Rocky Mountains

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Magnificent view of Lander's Peak in Wyoming by Edward Bierstadt, the original of which now resides in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. As noted on the New York Metropolitan Museum on line exhibition: This painting is the major work that...


1869 - (UPRR Manuscript Architectural Drawing) U.P.R.R Trestle, 39 4/10' High 1/4 in=1'

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Neatly executed hand-drawn design for the wooden trestle of a Union Pacific Railroad bridge, executed by Henry Harding, an important UPRR engineer.


1869 - The Resources of Vallejo: A series of articles, reprinted from the Solano County Advertiser, 1868-69

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Rare Early Promotional Tract For The City of Vallejo Rare early pamphlet and maps on the prospects of the "up-bay" city of Vallejo, initially published by the local newspaper and later issued as a separate pamphlet. The two folding maps are San...


1869 - Alaska and Adjoining Territory 1969

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An Important Early Map of Alaska, Shortly After The US-Russia Sale of 1867 The map shows the results of the American explorations in the Yukon region in 1867 and 1868. The map notes: The Yukon River, ranges of mountains, shores of Norton Sound and...


1869 - East Entrance of Magellan Strait from C. Virgins to the First Narrows. By Captain R.C. Mayne, R.N: C.B.

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Detailed British Admiralty chart of the easternmost entrance to the Strait of Magellan. "The Light house was not visible to us before we saw it in a bearing of N 25° W true." An exceptionally detailed chart. Rarity This is the first time we have...


1869 - China - East Coast -- Gulf of Pe-Chili & Liau-Tung and Northern Portion of the Yellow Sea Surevey By. Comr. J. Ward & Lieut. C. Bullock, R.N. . . . 1860 Additions by F. Wilde & G.S. Stanley Masters R.N. 1866

  • $14.99

Detailed sea chart of the Coast of Northerneastern China and part of Korea, published by the British Admiralty. The map extends from the Shantung Province and Pechili Province in the west, including the river extending from Tianjin to Beijing in the...


1869 - Malay Peninsula Eastern Coast. Singapore to Tioman I. By Mr. J. T. Thomson, Government Surveyor, 1849 . . . Additions by Mr Stanton, Master RN, 1860

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A rare British Admiralty sea, depicting southeastern Malaysia and the eastern part of the island of Singapore. This fine chart details the eastern parts of what is now the mainland Malayisian State of Johor, from the site of Jahor Bahru eastwards,...


1869 - [Haifa] Situation Plan von der Deutschen Colonie bei Haifa rep. Tempel Station

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German-American Colonization in Haifa. Fine cadastral map of the German-American Colony in Haifa, sponsored by the Temple Station of Germany and New York State. As noted on the map, it is a: Sketch of the German-American Colony and Mission-Station...


1869 - Afrika gez. von F..V. Stulpnagel

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Detailed map of Africa, published by Stieler. The map reflects the explorations by Europeans in the interior parts of the continent, but still reflects the relatively sparse geographical information known about most of the interior parts. The...


1869 - Australien

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Nice example of Kiepert's fine early map of Australasia, published in 1869. The map extends from the Philippines and the China Sea to New Zealand, Hawaii, the Marquesas and the Society Islands.