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1870 - Vicariats Apostoliques de la Nouvell Caledonie et de la Nouvlle Zelande desservie apr les Maristes Francais . . .

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Rare map showing the Franch Marist Missionaries activities in New Zealand and New Caledonia.


1870 - Map of Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies [Insets of Bermuda, Sandwich Islands, Jamaica and Panama Railroad]

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Attractive map of Mexico, the Caribbean and the Gulf Coast, published by SA Mitchell Jr. Includes large insets of Cuba, Bermuda, Jamaica, and the Isthmus of Panama and a small inset of Jamaica. Shows shipping routes from New Orleans to points...


1870 - The Heathen Chinee (A series of 9 lithographs illustrating a Poem by Bret Harte)

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Set of 9 lithographs drawn by John Hull and printed in Boston, setting Bret Harte's poem The Heathen Chinee, published in Boston in 1870. Originally published as Plain Language from Truthful James, the work is a narrative poem by American writer Bret...


1870 - Carte Generale Des Etats-Unis Et Du Mexique . . .

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Stunning full color example of Andriveau-Goujon's 2-sheet map of the United States. The map shows the nearly finished territorial changes in the west in fine detail.


1870 - Topographical Map of New York and Vicinity Embracing Fifteen Cities and above 1700 Square Miles. Showing Rapid Transit Routes Railroads Roads Canals Soundings Buoys &c. . . .

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Detailed hand-colored lithographed map of the New York Metropolitan area, published in New York by Matthew Dripps. The map shows metropolitan New York and its environs, extending as far east on Long Island as Oyster Bay. Shows rapid transit system,...


1870 - Plan of Philadelphia

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Detailed plan of the City, showing wards, streets, public buildings, ferrys, Windmill or Smith Island, Cooper's Point, Steamboat Routes, warves, and a host of Railroad and other details.


1870 - The Great South West showing the Routes to Kansas issued by the Missouri Riv. Ft. Scott & Gulf R.R. and the Leavenworth Lawrence & Galveston R.R.

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The Neutral Lands and the Race To Construct Railroad Lines from Northern Kansas to Indian Territory Unrecorded railroad map of Texas, the Southern and Mdiwestern States, published by the Missouri River, Fort Scott & Gulf Railroad and the...


1870 - Plan of New Orleans

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Attractive map of New Orleans, with decorative border showing Mississippi River to Algiers, parks and trolleys. The map is hand colored by wards. Shows streets, buildings, rail lines, etc. An attractive city plan from the pre-eminent commercial...


1870 - Colton's Map of the State of Alabama . . . 1870 (Pocket Map)

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Fine example of this early edition of Colton's large format pocket map of Alabama. A large scale and highly detailed map, drawn on a scale of two miles to the inch. Shows roads, railroad lines, cities and towns, rivers, lakes, and mountain ranges....


1870 - City Map of Adrian Published by Everts & Stewart. Drawn and Compiled By Frank Krause, C.E. Ann Arbor, Mich.

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Detailed cadastral map of Adrian Michigan. The map shows wards, subdivisions, railroads, streets, etc.


1870 - Detroit in 1820, With View of Walk-In-The-Water

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Fine example of this rare early view of Detroit, published in Detroit by Corrie's Detroit Lithographic Office, based upon a painting from 1820. This is one of the earliest birdseye views of Detroit we have seen.


1870 - Map showing Detailed Topography of the Country Traversed by the Reconnaissance Expedition through Southern & Southeastern Nevada in charge of Lieut Geo. M. Wheeler US. Engineers Assisted by Lieut. O.W. Lockwood Corps of Engineers USA 1869.

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A Nevada & Grand Canyon Rarity -- The Foundation Map for Southern Nevada A remarkable map of the Eastern Half of Nevada, including Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Great Salt Lake and Sevier Lake (then called Preuss Lake), being the first scientific...


1870 - Map of the Territory of Utah [with] Great Salt Lake Valley [with] Plat of Salt Lake City Utah

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Scarce early promotional map of Utah, published shortly after the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad on May 10, 1869. The map includes large insets of the Salt Lake Valley and early Plat of the town, including a key locating 12 points of...


1870 - Great Salt Lake, Utah

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Interesting lithographic view of Salt Lake City, published by America's most famous 19th Century print makers. The town of Salt Lake unfolds in the foreground, published a bit more than 20 years after it was first settled.


1870 - Map Of The Territory Of Montana with Portions of the Adjoining Territories Compiled and drawn by W. W. DeLacy Civil Engineer & Surveyor. Helena, M. T. 1870 (with manuscript additions!)

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One of the great maps in the record of Western Cartography Nice example of the 1870 edition of the W.W. De Lacy map of Montana, referred to by Carl Wheat as "one of the great maps in the record of Western Cartography." The present example is the...


1870 - Entrance to San Francisco Bay

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Rare map of the San Francisco Bay, published in New York, using Osborne's Process. The empahsis seems to be on the Railroad Wharves in Oakland and Alameda in the East Bay. We have been unable to determine the source of this map and have never...