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1872 - Asher & Adams' United States and its Territories

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Detailed map of the United States, published by Asher & Adams. The map focuses on railroad routes and proposed railroad routes in the United States. One Dakota is shown as is Indian Territory.


1872 - Plan of Lands Belonging to the Arlington Land Company Situated at Arlington Heights Mass. Whitman and Breck, Engineers & Surveyors . . . Sept. 1872

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Rare early development map of Arlington Heights, Massachusetts. The map is oriented with Southwest at the top. The Park Circle Water Tower site is located. The Lexington Branch Railroad is shown looping around a Pond near the present site of the...


1872 - Map of the City of Somerville Compiled and Revised by Frost Brothers Engineers & Surveyors, Union Square Somerville 1872.

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Wonderful separately issued map of Somerville, Massachusetts, in the Boston metropolitan area. Tufts College is shown on the border between Somerville and Medford. The Mystic Reservoir is named and illustrated. College Hill Station is labeled....


1872 - [Hells Kitchen / Midtown West] Map of the Hermitage Farm and the Norton Estate Compiled From Authentic Data.

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Hells Kitchen / Midtown West 1872 John Bute Holmes cadastral map of the modern-day neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. The map depicts the neighborhood from the Hudson River to Broadway (labeled as...


1872 - Meteorological Map Showing the Average Mean Temperature for the Year by Isothermal Lines, also the Mean Annual Rainfall in Inches

  • $14.99

Antique printed color map of New York State, published in Asher & Adams' New Topographical Atlas and Gazetteer of New York. The map shows the average mean temperature for the year bu isothermal lines (red) and the mean average rainfall in inches...


1872 - Topographical Map of Middlesex Co. New Jesey.

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Detailed map of Middlesex County, hand colored by townships.


1872 - Topographical Map of Cumberland Co. New Jersey

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Detailed map of Cumberland County, from Beers Atlas of New Jersey.


1872 - South Mountain showing the positions of the forces of the United States and the enemy during the battle fought by the Army of the Potomac under the command of Major General G. B. McClellan, Sept. 14th 1862

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Large, detailed lithographed map of the Battle of South Mountain, a somewhat mixed Union Victory, which set the stage for the Battle of Antietam three days later. The Civil War Trust says of the Battle of South Mountain: After his success at Second...


1872 - County Map of Florida [with inset of Mobile]

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Attractive post-civil war map of Florida, colored by county. Includes large inset of Mobile, Alabama. Shows towns, rivers, railroads, lakes, keys, forts, swamps, etc. The county configurations are still incomplete.


1872 - Wilson's Map of Jefferson County, Arkansas. Compiled from the Original Government Surveys, Private Survey and other authentic information. Showing that portion of Jefferson, cut off by the formation of Grant and Lincoln Counties and the Political Townsh

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Rare separately published map of Jefferson County, Arkansas, published in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The map is centered on Pine Bluff and tracks the course of the Arkansas River through the map. This is apparently the second edition of Wilson's map, with...


1872 - Colton's Texas

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Large format detailed map of Texas, with large insets of the northern panhandle, Galveston and Matagorda Bays and Sabine Lake. The map reflects the relative expansion of the counties of Texas, now plentiful in the east but virtually non-existent in the...


1872 - Asher & Adams' Illinois

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Gorgeous large format railroad map, hand colored by counties. Shows railroads, towns, rivers, lakes, mountains, township surveys, etc. Asher & Adams Atlas was conceived as a Railroad Atlas.


1872 - Map of Chicago; showing the Parks, Boulevards, and Burnt District . . .

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Early map of Chicago issued shortly after the 1871 Fire. The darkened portion of the map shows the Burned District consisting of 2,124 acres and containing 17,450 buildings. A scarce map -- this is the first example we have offered....


1872 - Map of Chicago Showing the Wards, Streets, and Parks Published by Rufus Blanchard | Map of Cook and Dupage Counties Published by Rufus Blanchard

  • $14.99

Rare Chicagoland Map Showing Extent of Great Fire. This is a rare separately issued folding map by Rufus Blanchard, creator of some of the earliest maps of Chicago. This 1872 edition of the map shows the extent of the Great Chicago Fire which had...


1872 - Colton's Map of the States and Territories West of the Mississippi River to the Pacific Showing the Overland Routes, Projected Railroad Lines &c . . . 1872

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Large scale pocket map of the Transmississippi West. Fine example of Colton's large format map of the West, colored by Counties and focusing on the projected railroad lines west of the Mississippi River, shortly before the first appearance of...


1872 - Martial Law. As Exemplified In The Desolation of Border Counties of Missouri , Issued By Brigadier General Ewing, Of the Federal Army, From His Head Quarters, Kansas City, Augt. 25th 1863. . . .

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Proof state of this large mezzotint of George Caleb Bingham's painting "Martial Law," an artistic protest against the Federal Goverment's declaration of martial law on the Kansas-Missouri border. This iconic image shows the evacuation of civilians...