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1876 - Historical Atlas of the World Illustrated Giving Histories and Maps of all the Countries in Their Geographical Statistical and Commercial Aspects

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An interesting post-Civil War American atlas of the world, published by Higgins, Bros. & Co. in Chicago and authored by Charles H. Jones with the assistance Theodore F. Hamilton. This edition includes the rare L.W. Wight "New Section and Township...


1876 - Colton's Railroad Map Intermediate Size of the United States Reduced from Colton's Railroad & Commercial Map of the United States.

  • $29.99

Rare Colton Railroad Map of the United States Highly detailed railroad map of the United States, issued by GW & CB Colton. The main map extends to Texas, Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Indian Territory. Completed railroad lines are shown with...


1876 - Map of the South Mountain and Boston Railroad & Connection Showing Territory Passed Through Rail-Roads and Canals Crossed or Connected…

  • $14.99

Decorative map of the Route of the South Mountain & Boston Railroad, from Harrisburg/Rockville to Boston, with a large decorative title vignette and a vignette showing a the Bridge where the railroad crosses the Hudson River. A relatively rare map...


1876 - Plan of the Town of Warren with the Lots as Originally Laid Out. Emily Eaton, Delineator. 1851, Revised 1876, by L. E. Eaton.

  • $14.99

Revised edition of Emily Eaton's plan of Warren, Maine originally published in 1851 by B.W. Thayer & Co. in Boston. Emily Eaton was almost certainly one of the first women in America to create a town plan. This revised edition by L.E. Eaton does...


1876 - New York

  • $14.99

Large format and highly detailed map of the state of New York, colored by counties. Shows, townships, towns, roads, railroads, rivers, mountains, canals and a host of other details. Large insets of the Hudson River from NYC to Saratoga Springs, the...


1876 - Gray's New Map of Baltimore

  • $14.99

Detailed map of Baltimore, colored by wards and showing streets, rail lines, parks, buildings, stations, and a host of other details. Large inset of the Patapsco River and approaches. Includes a population table, showing the various census populations...


1876 - Arkansas

  • $14.99

Detailed map of Arkansas, published by OW Gray. The map shows towns, townships, roads, railroads, rivers, train stations, lakes, etc. Gray was one of the most successful atlas publishers of the 1870s and one of the last to employ hand coloring.


1876 - Gray's New Map of Kentucky and Tennessee

  • $14.99

Detailed large format map of Kentucky and Tennessee, published by OW Gray in Philadelphia. The map is colored by counties and showing remarkable details for the period. Inset maps including a rail system and population density chart.


1876 - Toledo Ohio 1876

  • $14.99

Rare early view of Toledo, Ohio, drawn by Albert Ruger, published by J.J. Stoner of Madison, Wisconsin, and printed in Chicago by Charles Shober & Company. As note on the Library of Congress website: This panoramic map shows Toledo, Ohio, as it...


1876 - Minnesota

  • $14.99

Detailed map of the state of Minnesota, colored by townships and showing counties, towns, rivers, canals, etc. An excellent large format map of the period from one of the major American map publishers of the 1870s.


1876 - Williams New Trans-Continental Map of The Pacific R.R. and Routes of Overland Travel To Colorado, Nebraska, The Black Hills, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Montana California and the Pacific Coast . . . 1876

  • $21.99

Rare first edition of this striking large format map of the West, published by Henry T. Williams, with handwritten notes, including a note relating to the notorious stagecoach robber, Black Bart, who operated in northern California and southern Oregon...


1876 - Bancroft's Map of California, Nevada, Utah & Arizona . . . 1876

  • $14.99

Rare 1876 edition of Bancroft's map of California & the Southwest. The map is hand colored by counties and shows tremendous detail, one of the best maps of the Western United States published West of the Mississippi during the period. Early roads,...


1876 - Originalkarte der Urwohnsitze der Azteken und Verwandten Pueblos in New Mexico Zusammengetellt von O. Loew . . . 1876

  • $9.99

Scarce German map showing locating the major Indian Tribes of New Mexico and the Ancient Indian Regions, from Petermann's Geographishce Mittheilungen. Names of the regions of the old Aztecs settlements are given on the map: Aztlan, Tusayan, Cibola,...


1876 - Parts of Eastern Arizona and Western New Mexico. Atlas Sheet No. 76

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Includes the Phoenix Area Detailed topographical map showing eastern Arizona and western New Mexico. The map extends from the Phoenix area in the southwest (Pleasant Valley) to the Flagstaff area in the northwest, to the Fort Wingate / Gallup, New...


1876 - Camp Apache, Arizona

  • $14.99

A fine 1876 watercolor view of Camp Apache (later Fort Apache), Arizona Territory. Though somewhat naïve in execution, the view has a wonderfully evocative quality while providing one of the most detailed contemporary images of this storied U.S. Army...


1876 - Plat of Placer Claim of 160 Acres Situate in Summit Mining District County of Rio Grande and Territory of Colorado . . . 1876 (Signed by Thomas Meade Bowen)

  • $9.99

Fascinating manuscript survey issued by the San Juan Consolidated Mining Company, showing a plat of 160 acres north of the North Fork of the Alamosa River in Rio Grande County, Colorado Territory, signed by Thomas Meade Bowen, H.B. Cox and William...