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1876 - Specialkarte der Insel Nias hauptsachlich nach den Aufhahmen von J.T.R. Nagel, der Karte von Roesnberg & Details von E.J. Sillem

  • $14.99

Highly detailed map of the Island of Nias (Pulau Nias) off the west coast of Sumatra , depicting the most recent explorations. This is one of the earliest printed maps to provide significant detail for this island and includes a fairly extensive...


1876 - Thomas Elders' Expedition durch Inner-Australien von Beltana im Osten bis Perth im Westen, Ausgefuhrt Durch E. Giles, Mai-Nov. 1875

  • $14.99

Ernest Giles Crossing From South to Western Australia in 1875. Detailed map illustrating the route taken by Ernest Giles second expedition across Australia between May 1875 and November 1875, between Perth and Beltana. Sir Thomas Elder was a...


1876 - Map Of The North Polar Region

  • $14.99

Interesting map of the North Polar regions. The map provides a remarkable overview of Polar Exploration up to the mid-1870s. Approximately 70 explorers spanning four centuries are noted on the map, including the dates of voyages and coastlines...


1876 - [Children's Astronomy Board Game] Jeu Des Constellations ou Voyage Dans Les Regions Celestes

  • $14.99

"Each Part is Equivalent to one Month of Study of Astronomy" Rare French board game, whose principal mission was "a race to the sun", published by Franc Mignien, a leading producer of Children's educational games. The purpose of the game is to teach...


1876 - Mappemonde Celeste en Deux Hemispheres A L'Usage Des Ecoles Normales Primaires et des cours cosmographie des lycees des colleges des institutions etc. . . .

  • $29.99

Rare double hemisphere celestial wall chart, prepared by A. Logerot. The map is surrounded by a armillary sphere according to the Copernic system, celestial globe, solar system, movement of sun and earth, signs of the zodiac, etc. Published by...