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1882 - Planisphere Des Croyances Religieuses et des Missions Chretiennes Par M. Valerien Groffier.

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Rare map of the world, showing a statistical depiction of the religous beliefs around the world and the location of Christian Missionaries.


1882 - Gray's Geological Map of the United States By Charles H. Hitchcock PH.D. Professor of Geology in Dartmouth College

  • $14.99

Geological map of the United States, published by O.W. Gray. The map exhibits the geological regions, including Eozoic, Silurian, Deonian and Lower Carboniferous, Coal Measures and Permo-Carboniferous, Triassic and Jurassic, Cretaceous, Tertiary,...


1882 - Map Showing the Boundaries as they Existed One Hundred Years Ago and the Present Maps of the Burling, Brevoort, Sailors' Snug Harbour and other Estates.

  • $21.99

Antique Map of Greenwich Village, Focusing on the Area Between Washington Square Park and Union Square. This is a John Bute Holmes 1882 cadastral map of eastern Greenwich Village, one of New York City's most famous neighborhoods, the cradle of the...


1882 - Map of the Richmond and Louisville R.R. Connecting The Railroads of Virginia with the Railroads of Kentucky on the shortest route East and West from the Mississippi Valley to the Atlantic Ocean

  • $29.99

Fine large map illustrating the route of the Richmond & Louisville Railroad. Exceptionally detailed Railroad map of portions of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee, on a scale of 12 miles per inch. Timber and coal regions are noted,...


1882 - New Railroad and County Map of Southern Part of Texas

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Scarce early map of Texas, focusing on the Railroad Lines then in operation. The map also shows a number of early towns, roads, mountains, lakes, mining regions and other important details. This is the first time we have offered the map for sale and...


1882 - County & Township Map of the States of Michigan and Wisconsin

  • $14.99

Detailed map of Michigan and Wisconsin, hand-colored by counties. The map was published in S.A. Mitchell Jr.'s New General Atlas, one of the most popular American atlases of the second half of the 19th century.


1882 - Crookston. Polk Co. Minnesota. 1882. [Stereoview]

  • $14.99

Minnesota Bird's Eye View - Not Recorded by Reps. Small stereoview of Crookston, Minnesota, comprised of two photographic reproductions of an unrecorded bird's eye view of the city. An interesting record of a very rare Minnesota bird's eye, which...


1882 - Map of the Wheat Region Red River Valley and adjoining Countries in Dakota and Minnesota Published by A.J. Harwood, Fargo, D.T.

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Scarce promotional map of the "Wheat Region" of the Red River Valley, published by A.J. Harwood in Fargo, Dakota Territory. The map illustrates the so-called Wheat Region, along with promotional information for three other Fargo based professionals,...


1882 - Plan of Milwaukee

  • $14.99

Detailed map of the city of Milwaukee, hand colored by wards. Shows the Milwaukee & St. Paul RR, the Milwaukee & Prairie Du Chien RR, the Chicago & Northwestern RR, the Mil. L.S& W. RR, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul RR and...


1882 - Creel's Topographical Map of Ramsey County, Dakota Territory. 1882.

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Fine large format map promoting settlement in Ramsey County, Dakota Territory, published by Heber M. Cree, formerly of the 7th Cavalry, whom the map notes as having been "in charge of survey north shore of Devil's Lake, D.T.; also survey of Fort Totten...


1882 - Dakota Territory . . . 1882

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Detailed map of Dakota Territory, prepared by the General Land Office. The present example would appear to be a special issue, with the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the Lower Brule Indian Reservation highlighted...


1882 - County & Township Map of the States of Kansas and Nebraska

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Detailed map of Kansas and Nebraska. Illustrates the disparity in western development in Nebraska and Kansas. Kansas shows almost modern county configuration, while northern Nebraska is still largely unexplored. Shows railways, towns, roads, forts, etc.


1882 - [North Dakota - Fargo]

  • $9.99

Rare letter sheet with map on verso, printed for The Oriska Elevator. The map is centered on Fargo, North Dakota and extends north to Grand Forks and South to Big Stone Lake, focusing on the railroad lines, towns and other features. The map...


1882 - Larimore Grand Forks Co. Dakota

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Located in the center of the great Wheat Belt Early promotional map of Larimore, North Dakota, printed in St. Louis by Augustus Gast & Co. in 1882. The map extolls the virtues of the newly created and fast growing town, which after just six...


1882 - Territory of Dakota. 1879

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Detailed map of Dakota Territory, prepared by the General Land Office. The map shows early evidence of the township surveys in the west. The dates and details of the creation of a number of Indian Reservations are shown, including: Arikares,...


1882 - County and Township Map of Dakota

  • $14.99

Detailed map of Dakota Territory, published by William Bradley Jr., in a late edition of SA Mitchell Jr's Atlas. The map is colored by county, and shows state surveys, forts, towns, railroads, etc. Extremely detailed in the southwest corner in the...