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1886 - Map of Micronesia, Published by the A.B.C.F.M. . . . 1886

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Rare map of Micronesia, published by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions in Boston. The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) was the first American Christian missionary organization. It was created in 1810...


1886 - Shaffer's Township Map of North Carolina . . . 1886. . . .

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Fine example of this rare and highly detailed large format map of North Carolina, published in Raleigh, North Carolina by A. Webster Shaffer. Shaffer's map of North Carolina is perhaps the best and largest format of the State published in this time...


1886 - (Sicard Flat, Smith Valley, Yuba County California / Manuscript Map and Petition To Build Road)

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Interesting manuscript map of a part of Yuba County, Northeast of Yuba City and Northwest of Grass Valley, extending from the Yuba River in the south, beyond Sicard Flat and extending north toward Oroville along the Smith Valley. The map and...


1886 - [Pacific Northwest] Cape Mendocino to Vancouver Id. From Cape Flattery Southward, From The United States to 1886, with corrections and additions to 1920 . . .

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This is a detailed navigational chart showing the whole of the Pacific Northwest, stretching from northern California to southern British Columbia. Many minor coastal and riverine towns are labeled, including some that would become major cities, such...


1886 - Provincia De San Luis . . . 1886 (Argentina)

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Fine map of the Provincia de San Luis in Argentina, published in the rare Atlas de la Republica Argentina. The map locates towns, roads, railroads, railroads under construction, etc.


1886 - Mapa Militar de España Ilustrado dedicado al Exmo Sr Teniente General D Fernando Primo de Rivera por D Modesto Eraso Prados y D José Alfaro y Serván, Oficiales de Infanteria

  • $14.99

Highly decorative chromolithographic map of Spain, embellished by dozens of military figures, coats of arms, military medals and crests. An elaborare wall map illustrating the Spanish military in all its forms.


1886 - (Rhodes) ΡΟΔΟΣ

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A Rare Greek Independence Propaganda Map Propaganda map of the Island of Rhodes, from Ivan Petrov's Atlas of the holy struggle of the Greeks for Independence" [ "Ατλας Τον Υπερ Ανεζαρτηησιας Ιερο Των Ελληνων...