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1892 - [Chinese-Language San Francisco Chinatown Business Directory and Lunar Calendar for 1892]

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Capturing the Economic Vibrance of 19th-century San Francisco's Chinatown. Large, separately-issued Chinese-language business directory and lunar calendar, published by Horn Hong & Co. in San Francisco in 1892. The sheet is divided into three...


1892 - Map of Western Canada including Part of Manitoba and Alberta, Assiniboia and Saskatchewan Shewing System of Land Survey and the Lines of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company (with) Map of the Canadian Pacific Railway and Its Connections

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Traversing The Great Fertile Belt of Canada Detailed map of Canada, promoting the Canadian Pacific Railway's lands in Northern Alberta. The lower map includes two elaborate farming scenes.


1892 - [United States] Across the Continent

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Fine example of this early example of Parker Brothers game board, "Across the Continent." This is one of a few color lithographic game boards produced in the 1880s and early 1890s. Includes several railroad routes illustrating the major railroad...


1892 - Shirley, Massachusetts . . . 1892

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Fine antique birdseye view of Shirley, Massachusetts, published in Boston. Below the view, smaller images of Sampson Cordage Works, Conant Brothers General Store, and C.A. Garton & Son Suspenders Manufactory. At the top are images of churches,...


1892 - Boston

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Detailed city plan of Boston, showing streets, buildings, train lines, public places, rivers etc.


1892 - Jacob Addition to Louisville. Commercial Lot Company, Sharp & Bohne Agents.

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Rare promotional map, showing the Jacob subdivision of Louisville, Kentucky. The map was published by the Louisville land agents Sharpe & Bohne, who were promoting 52 blocks of approximately 1,000 tracts on the south side of the city available...


1892 - Kentucky (and) Tennessee

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Highly detailed railroad map of Kentucky and Tennessee. Shows counties, railroads, railway stations, township surveys, mountains, rivers, lakes, and a host of other early details. Large inset of Covington, Newport and Vicinity.


1892 - Kentucky and Tennessee Western Half (and) Kentucky and Tennessee Eastern Half

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Highly detailed 2-sheet railroad map of Kentucky and Tennessee. Shows counties, railroads, railway stations, township surveys, mountains, rivers, lakes, and a host of other early details.


1892 - Sunset Park Subdivision 1 Gwyn & West Ashville, N.C. (Manuscript Map)

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Detailed manuscript map of the Sunset Park Subdivision - 1, by Gwyn & West, in Asheville, North Carolina, one of the earliest subdivisions in Asheville's "modern" history. The map is oriented with East at the top extends from Sunset Drive to...


1892 - [Asheville, North Carolina -- Untitled Manuscript Map of Lots on Montford Avenue and Pearson Drive)

  • $9.99

Early cadastral map of part Asheville, North Carolina, just south of the University of North Carolina, Asheville, identifying the land owners in a section of town including Pearson Drive, Montford Avenue, Soco Street and Cullowhee Street, just...


1892 - Croquis Del Desierto De Coahuila y Parte Del De Chihuahua donde tuvo lugar la expedicion contra las tribus salvajes llevada a cabo en los meses de Junio y Julio de 1881 por orden de la Secretaria De Guerra. Levantado por el Mayor de Caballeria Blas M. Fl

  • $14.99

Extermination of the Lipan Indians in Northern Mexico Finely executed map of part of Coahuila and Chihuahua, illustrating the theater of war between the Mexican Cavalry and the Lipan Indians. At the direction of President Porfirio Diaz in 1881, the...


1892 - Fairview Addition To The City of Galveston Texas.

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19th-century Manuscript Map of Part of Galveston Texas. Unique antique manuscript map of the "Fairview Addition" to Galveston, Texas, produced by one of Galveston's most important early surveyors, R.W. Luttrell. The map covers two blocks of plots,...


1892 - Lake Front Chicago Illinois From Surveys made under the direction of Captain W.L. Marshall in 1892.

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With Manuscript Annotations Showing Proposed Harbor Improvements Detailed map of part of the City of Chicago, from Jackson Park to the Colehour Yard area, prepared by the United States Corps of Topographical Engineers in 1892. The map is centered...


1892 - Map of Bay City (Michigan)

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Detailed map of Bay City, Michigan, from George Cram's Family Atlas. The maps shows streets, buildings, train lines, public places, rivers etc. Cram was one of the pre-eminent American Mapmakers of the late 19th Century, relying upon a cerographic...


1892 - Strand's Sectional Map of the City of Superior And Vicinity. Douglas Co. Wis. 1892

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Rare separately issued map of the City of Superior, Wisconsin, published during Superior's second boom period (1888 to 1892). Shows railroads, railroad yards, main roads, additions, and selected buildings in Superior and parts of the Towns of...


1892 - Great Northern Railway and Connections / Red River Valley / The Bread Basket of America!

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The Bread Basket of America! -- You Are Not Going To the Frontier! Fine large promotional map for the Great Northern Railway, promoting the Government lands available in the Red River Valley. The map shows the railroad lines of the Great Northern,...