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1898 - Revised Map of Jefferson County, Texas. Showing Land Surveys, Railroads, and Water Ways. By Pattillo Higgins. Up to Date 1898.

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The Birth Certificate of the Texas Oil Industry. A rare promotional map published by the Father of Texas Oil, Pattillo Higgins, pre-dating the discovery of oil at Spindletop. Upon its discovery in 1901, the gusher at Spindletop became the most...


1898 - Wright's Map of Milwaukee, Published by AG. Wright, 107 Wisconsin St. 1898.

  • $21.99

Large color-lithographed folding map of Milwaukee, published by Alfred G. Wright and printed by the Milwaukee Litho. & Engr. Co. in 1898. The map is one of the larger 19th-century maps of the largest city in Wisconsin. The map goes as far north as...


1898 - Indian Territory. Compiled under the direction of Charles H. Fitch, Topographer in Charge of the Indian Surveys. . . 1898

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Detailed map of Indian Territory, during the short-lived period where Oklahoma was divided into two Territories, Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory. The map shows the progress of the Indian Territory survey in the first year of the survey. The...


1898 - Post Route Map of The States of California and Nevada Showing Post Offices with the Intermediate Distances on Mail Routes In Operation on the 1st of June, 1899 . . .

  • $14.99

Official 1899 Postal Route Map for California and Nevada Scarce and remarkably detailed late 19th Century Postal map of Nevada and California, issued by the United States Post Office. Includes a large inset of the Los Angeles Basin and the Bay...


1898 - Reconnaissance Map - New Mexico Jemes Sheet

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Detailed geological map of a large portion of Bernalillo County, published by the United States Geological Survey, originally surveyed in 1887-88. The map is centered on Jemes Peak and Jemes Creek. Covers the region north of Albuquerque and west of...


1898 - Idaho

  • $14.99

Large format detailed map showing towns, rivers, railroads, mountains, lakes, etc. Beautifully colored with many statistics. From Rand Mc Nally & Sons Business Atlas.


1898 - The Map of Maps -- Alaska and British Columbia Showing the Yukon, Cariboo Cassiar, with a Portion of the Kootenay Gold Fields . . . Feb. 1898 [with inset showing Lake Routes to Dawson]

  • $14.99

Scarce separately issued map of Alaska and British Columbia, showing the various routes to the Klondyke Gold Fields, including a separate large format map showing the Lake Routes to Dawson. Rare Gold Rush Guide Map. Eberstadt (163:20, 1964, priced at...


1898 - Buell's Map of part of California showing the Mother Lode Mineral Belt with Rail Road and Stage Line Connections To The City of Stockton. Compiled and Published By R.A. Buell Stockton Cal . . .

  • $14.99

Electric Flumes! Detailed map of a portion of the mining regions of California, showing the area from Bouldin Island (just west of the City of Stockton) to Yosemite and from Amador County south to the Merced River. The map includes remarkable detail...


1898 - [California in Miniature] Bird's-Eye View Map Showing Its Prominent Topographical Features, Location of Principal Cities, Towns and Points of Note, Also Lines of the Southern Pacific Company. 1898.

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A Synopsis of Resorts and other attractions worth visiting . . . Interesting birdseye view map of California, published by the Southern Pacific Company. The map is oriented with East at the top, looking from the Pacific Ocean to the Sierra Nevada...


1898 - Crocker's Guide Map of the City of San Francisco, Compiled From The Official Surveys and Engraved Expressly For Crocker-Langley San Francisco Directory 1898

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A Gorgeous Late 19th Century Map of San Francisco with Brewery Advertising Striking map of San Francisco, published by Crocker in 1898. The map provides a highly detailed look at the city, with marvelous contrasting color. The map is surrounded by...


1898 - Map of the Klondyke Cassiar and Cariboo Gold Fields Shewing Routes From Victoria B.C. The Base of Supplies

  • $14.99

Victoria, B.C. The Key to the Klondyke and Yukon Gold Mines Rare promotional brochure and map, illustrating the routes the gold regions of Alaska and the Yukon, published by the British Columbia Board of Trade, extolling the virtues of traveling to...


1898 - To The Klondike and Alaska Gold Fields

  • $14.99

Rare promotional pamphlet showing the routes to the Klondike, published by the Alaska Commercial Company. Three maps includes: General Map of Alaska Showing Routes of Alaska Commercial Company's Ocean Steamers Klondike River and Surrounding Gold...


1898 - Anchorages and Harbours on the North West Side of the Great Bahama Bank From surveys by Commanders Richard Owen and Edward Barnett, and Lieutenant Thomas Smith, H.M.S. Thunder and Lark, 1836-9.

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A detailed map showing several harbors in the Bahamas, first published by the British Admiralty in 1898. Seven separate maps show different anchorages, covering most of the islands in the northwesternmost part of the Great Bahama Bank. The charts show...


1898 - (Beijing) Pekin

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Rare map of the area near Bejing, from a 9 sheet map published by Dessine, for the Geographical Service of the French Army (Service Geographique de l'Armee). The map is discussed at length in the journal of the Eighth Annual Geographical Conference,...


1898 - Mission D'Exploration Commerciale en Chine 1895-97 -- Carte du Kouang-Si et Kouang Toung . . .

  • $14.99

Rare regional map of eastern China, published by the Lyon (France) Chamber of Commerce in connection with its attempts to expand trade with China. The map is one of at least 3 maps in a set prepared by Erhard Freres in Paris, published in conjunction...


1898 - Map of Manila Harbor Compiled From the Latest Government Surveys

  • $14.99

Scarce map of Manila Harbor, published by Rand McNally in 1898.