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1898 - Map of the Operations Against Manila August 13 1898. Compiled and drawn under supervision of Lieut - Col. R.E. Thompson, C.S.O. By J.H. Watkins Sert. Vol. Signal Corps. October, 1898

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Detailed military map of the area between Malate and Pasai, to the south of Manila, published by American Army Signal Corps in October 1898. The map notes the position of various American Troops during the the Naval bombardment of Manila, before the...


1898 - Malacca Strait with part of the East Coast of the Malay Peninsula

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Detailed sea chart of the Malaya Peninsula and the northeast coast of Sumatra, featuring Singapore and the surrounding area. The chart was published by the British Admiralty first in 1898, and then as a new edition in 1922. This example has been...