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1904 - Department of the Interior Commission on the Five Civilized Tribes Map of Choctaw Nation Indian Territory

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Detailed allotment map of the Choctaw Nation lands in Indian Territory, showing land allotted to July 1st, 1904, as well as coal and asphalt segregation. The map covers the Choctaw Reservation between Red, Canadian, and Arkansas Rivers.


1904 - Indian Territory Showing Railroad Systems -- June 30, 1904

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Striking map of Indian Territory, showing the Recording Districts in the Territory, for the Report of the Commission To The Five Civilized Tribes, published by the Department of the Interior. The map extends west to Oklahoma City in Oklahoma...


1904 - Map of Colorado (Pocket Map)

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Scarce pocket map of Colorado, first printed in 1902 and reissued in 1904. The map is colored by counties and shows two numbered districts, plus a larger circle around Greeley, Colorado, the location William Mayher, whose name is stencilled onto the...


1904 - Billings, Montana. County-Seat of Yellowstone County. 1904. Birds Eye View Looking South From Country Club

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Rare highly detailed lithographic view of Butte, Montana, published in Milwaukee by Henry Wellge. An exceptionally rare view of Billings, showing the town in its infancy. The map identifies streets, railway lines, manufacturing facilities and the...


1904 - Map of Tuolomne County California Issued By the State Mining Bureau . . . July, 1903

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Scarce mining map of Tuolomne County, prepared by the California State Mining Bureau. The map identifies by number the active mining claims in the county, along with towns, roads, rivers, mountains, etc. The first time we have ever seen maps from this...


1904 - Patented Lands within the Yosemite National Park California

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Detailed map of the Patented Lands within Yosemite Valley, published for the US Senate in 1904. Shows township and section lines, undivided lands, homesteads, preempted lands, timber holdings, mineral claims, lands reserved for reservoir use,...


1904 - Plano Catastral de las Gobernaciones La Pampa, Rio Negro, Neuquen y Chubut Demonstrando las Propriedades, Tierras Arrendadas y Las Minas -- Construido por el Agrimensor Pablo Neumayer, Rivadavia 7144, ampliado por el Agrimensor Eliseo Zapata -- Por Encarg

  • $29.99

One of the earliest extant maps of the Region Showing Settlements in Patagonia Fine large format cadastral map of a large section of Patagonia, specifically, of the Argentine Provinces of La Pampa, Rio Negro, Neuquen and Chubut, published by the...


1904 - Карта Театра Военныхъ Дѣйствій На Дальнем Востокъ (Map of the Theater of Military Operations in the Far East)

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Detailed Russian-language map of the Sea of Japan, Korea, Japan, and Vladivostok, issued during the Russo-Japanese War. The map was compiled and published by the Russian Corps of Topographers, with clearance through the censors in Kiev. The map shows...


1904 - Carte de l'Extreme-Orient et du Theatre De La Guerre Russo-Japonaise

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Detailed map of the Theater of War during the Russo-Japanese War. The map was created to illustrate the progress of the Russo-Japanese War (1904 - 1905). The Russians and Japanese were struggling for control of Port Arthur, which would be surrendered...


1904 - Carte Du Theatre de la Guerre Russo-Japonaise (French Automobile and Cycling Map of the verso)

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Detailed map of of the Theater of War during the Russo-Japanese War, published in Paris. The map appeared as a "Prime Gratuite" offered to subscribers of Le Journal and is surrounded by advertising. Includes inset maps of: Manchuria, Korea, Russia...


1904 - Carte de la Guerre Russo-Japonaise

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Detailed pictorial map of the Pic, published in Paris. The map is surrounded by vast amounts of pictorial and textual information, including: The time difference between Port Arthur and Paris (about 8 hours) Portraits of Russian leaders across the...


1904 - Carte Du Theatre De La Guerre Russo-Japonaise-Prime Gratuite du Petit Parisien

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Scarce broadside map of the Theater of War in China and Korea, issued as a "Prime Gratuite" by the Petit Parisien. The map is centered on Korea and identifies by Color the regions owned by the different stakeholders in the War: Russia-Green...


1904 - Schizzo del Teatro della Guerra Russo-Giapponese

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Separately published Italian map of the Theater of the Russo-Japanese War, published in 1904. The map is color coded to show: Russian Domain Imperial Chinese Japan Korea German Possessions English Possessions Additional details include...


1904 - Philips' Military Map of Manchuria and Korea Compiled from Foreign Staff Maps & British Admiralty Charts

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Russo-Japanese War Map of Manchuria and Korea. Detailed color-lithographed folding map of Korea and Manchuria, published in London for coverage fo the Russo-Japanese War. The Russo-Japanese War was fought during 1904–1905 between the Russian Empire...


1904 - (Korea) 日露戰闘地圖 / Rì lù zhàn dòu dìtú. / Map of the Russo-Japanese War

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Fine large map of Korea and contiguous parts of China, published in 1904 or Meiji 37. The map was issued during the early days of the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), including the Japanese invasion of China and Korea, and the conflict that ensued with...


1904 - Philippine Islands

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Gorgeous large plan of the Philippines, shortly after the Spanish American War. Includes a large town plan of Manilla and inset of the area Manila to Dagupan. One of the best large format maps of the region from a Commercial Atlas during this period.