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1927 - The Fair of the Iron Horse Centenary Exhibition and Pageant of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad to be held at Baltimore . . . . 1927

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Celebrating 100 Years of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Interesting chromolithographic plan of the Fairgrounds for the Fair of the Iron Horse. The map is centered on the Court of Honor and illustrates the exhibition's major buildings.


1927 - [Charles Lindbergh] Our Hero

  • $14.99

This work commemorates Lindbergh's journey from New York to Paris, the first solo transatlantic flight. Lindbergh's feat received an unprecedented amount of attention in the US and in Europe, and memorabilia such as this one was produced around the...


1927 - The Corner of Lake and La Salle Streets, Chicago Marine Bank Building in the Year 1864.

  • $9.99

Fine aquatint view of historic Chicago in 1864, showing a bustling scene of commerce at the corner of Lake Street and La Salle Street, looking toward the Marine Bank Building. Includes a lively street scene, with pedestrians and horse drawn wagons,...


1927 - Yellowstone National Park Picture Map

  • $14.99

Attractive vintage pictorial bird's-eye view map of the Yellowstone National Park, produced by the Poole Brothers firm for the Chicago Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway in 1927. The map shows all of Lake Yellowstone and the surrounding region, with...


1927 - [Southern California] Map of Automobile Roads Banning California

  • $9.99

Illustratrated promotional pamphlet for Banning, California, with a fine Automobile map of Southern California. The map is drawn by Paul M. Entenman. Topography shown with hachures. The pamphlet includes 15 pages of text. Interior illustrations...


1927 - Storage Reservoirs For Hydraulic Mining Debris -- American, Yuba and Bear Rivers, California [Report of the Hydraulic Mining Commission Upon The Feasibility of the Resumption of Hydraulic Mining in California

  • $14.99

Report of the Hydraulic Mining commission and large regional map illustrating the region where the restart of hydraulic mining was being contemplated in California in the 1920s. The report was prepared at a time period when California was considering...


1927 - Major Traffic Street Plan Los Angeles California. Compiled For The Committee On Los Angeles Plan of Major Highways. Frederick Law Olmsted . . . 1927

  • $14.99

Early Los Angeles Transit Planning Rare separately issued folding map, showing the general plan for major streets prepared by the Los Angeles Traffic Commission, with one the commissioners including Frederick Law Olmsted, Harland Bartholomew, and...


1927 - The Olympic -- Paradise Peninsula

  • $14.99

Promoting A Short Lived Puget Sound Ferry Line Interesting pictorial map and illustrated travel brochure, promoting the Edmonds Olympic Route - Sound Ferry Lines Inc. The main map image shows a monochromatic view of the Straits of Juan de Fuca and...


1927 - A map of Honolulu and the Sandwich Islands which we now call the Hawaiian Islands

  • $21.99

Marvelous rare pictorial map of Honolulu with inset of the Hawaiian Islands. The map includes pictorial features on the map and in vignettes surrounding the map, noting that, "In this map you will find depicted in pictorial fashion the history,...


1927 - Plan de Paris

  • $21.99

Finely illustrated pictorial map of Paris, drawn by Ilonka Karasz and published by the Washington Square Book Shop, 27 West 8th Avenue, New York City. Rumsey (8091) notes: Karasz's design and the vivid color printing used for this map of Paris are...


1927 - Map of Shanghai-Nanking and Shanghai-Hangchow-Ningpo Railways with Branch Lines

  • $14.99

Very rare bilingual (English and Chinese) map of the Shanghai region, focusing on local railroad connections of 1927. The three-stone color lithographed map was made by the Civil Engineer M.H. Chih for the Ming Hao Engineering and Construction...


1927 - (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) Jidda with its Approaches Surveyed by Commander W.J.L. Wharton, R.N. and the Officers of H.M.S. Fawn, 1876...

  • $21.99

Detailed British Admiralty chart of the approaches to Jeddah, present-day Saudi Arabia, with an inset chart Jeddah Harbor and the city itself. This is undoubtedly one of the better antiquarian maps of the gateway city to Mecca and Medina. Jeddah was...


1927 - Mt. Koscuisko Sydney to Summit in Sunshine via South Coast and Prince's Highway Tour to Melbourne

  • $21.99

Rare travel poster of the area between Sydney and Twofold Bay, promoting the Balmain Bros. (Bega) Ltd., with the publication mark of J.H. Enemark Ltd., Litho. Sydney at the bottom left. The map illustrates a coastal motor route between Sydney and...