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1929 - [Charles Lindbergh - 1st Trans-Atlantic Flight - Printed on Linen]

  • $14.99

New York to Paris in 33 hr, 29 m is the name of this printed cotton textile depicting the solo flight of Charles Lindbergh from New York to Paris. Even before Lindbergh completed his 1927 flight, a cotton toile fabric was made by Passaic Print Works...


1929 - [Charles Lindbergh] Spirit of St. Louis

  • $14.99

Spirit of St. Louis is the name of this printed cotton textile depicting the solo flight of Charles Lindbergh from New York to Paris.


1929 - [Charles Lindbergh / New York to Paris View] Spirit of St. Louis

  • $14.99

Spirit of St. Louis is the name of this printed cotton textile depicting the solo flight of Charles Lindbergh from New York to Paris. At the left, the Lindbergh's plane flies over New York and past the Statue of Liberty. At the right, a view of...


1929 - Illustrated Map of the route of Transcontinental Air Transport Inc. (Stephen Dupont Flight from Columbus, Ohio to Waynoka, Oklahoma on September 21, 1929 -- Curtiss Condor B-2).

  • $14.99

Rare Early Flight Planning Map Finely executed pictorial map of the United States showing the route of Transcontinental Air Transport, embellished by 30 decorative vignettes showing major American cities and points of interest. On the verso is flight...


1929 - Sectional Map Indicating Main Automobile Roads Between Canada & United States (Great Lakes Sheet)

  • $21.99

Detailed road map of the Great Lakes Region, constructed by Canada's Department of the Interior. Includes Provincial Routes, Federal Routes and State Routes.


1929 - [Oil in Culberson County] Location of Royalty owned by H.J. McMullen

  • $14.99

Interesting pictorial map of Culberson County, Texas, promoting investment in the area then being explored by H.J. Mullen. The map focuses on the areas north of the Texas & Pacific Railroads which the promoter illustrates as being under...


1929 - A Map of Oberlin College and Towne Showing its Life and Traditions

  • $21.99

Rare vintage pictorial map of Oberlin College and the town of Oberlin, Ohio. The map was made by Walter Knapp in 1929, during the Golden Age of Pictorial Mapmaking, and it relies on many of the themes embodied in that movement. The map includes...


1929 - Master Plan | Rancho Santa Fe - La Costa | San Diego County California . . . August 1929

  • $9.99

Unrecorded map showing the original Master Plan for the area between La Costa / Solana Beach and the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant Lands, by Charles H. Cheney, one of the most important city planners of the 20th century. Charles H. Cheney, was the father...


1929 - [Downtown San Diego]

  • $14.99

Highly detailed plan of Downtown San Diego, between A Street in the North to F Street in the South and between State Street in the West to 8th Street in the East, published by Nirenstein. This finely detailed map shows downtown San Diego at the height...


1929 - Central & Southern California Road Map

  • $14.99

Promoting Hermosa Beach Rare promotional road map for Southern California, packed full of regional advertising. Includes a large photograph of Hermosa Beach and a smaller photo of "Olympic Barges." The promotional details relate to Hermosa Beach and...


1929 - A Cartograph of Southern California showing how the Land of Sunshine has become so air-minded that everybody flies hither and yon and yon and hither . . .

  • $14.99

Rare pictographic map of Southern California with pop-up illustration of propeller plane. The map illustrates the routes of Western Air Express, with flights to Kansas City (12 hours), Tia Juana (1 hour), Catalina (30 minutes) and San Francisco (3...


1929 - Los Angeles Harbor and Vicinity . . . 1929

  • $14.99

Highly detailed map of Los Angeles Harbor, first published by the Harbor Department in 1919 and periodically revised thereafter. The map includes a detailed plans for the Wilmington District, Long Beach and San Pedro District, along with excellent...


1929 - The Old Spanish and Mexican Ranchos of Los Angeles County

  • $14.99

The Earliest of the Pictorial Maps of the Spanish & Mexican Ranchos Published for Title Insurance and Trust Company of Los Angeles Rare early Spanish & Mexican Ranchos map, prepared for the Title Insurance and Trust Company of Los Angeles....


1929 - Rancho Santa Fe San Diego County, California

  • $14.99

The First Plan of Rancho Santa Fe Fine example of the original subdivision map for Rancho Santa Fe, California, published in January of 1929. The map Includes lot and tract numbers, with acreage, street names, At the center is the "Civic Center",...


1929 - Street Map of Metropolitan Area San Diego, Calif.

  • $14.99

Large wall map of the San Diego Metropolitan Area, from Coronado to El Cajon, with an inset of Pacific Beach and La Jolla, and a further inset of the County of San Diego. This is a very large and detailed wall map of central San Diego, shown at 1:4000...


1929 - [Route of the 1938 Westward Northwest Passage Cover] Map of the Northwest Territories 1929

  • $21.99

Illustrating Canadian Postal History -- A Cover's Travel Through the Northwest Passage in 1939 Fine large format map of the Northwest Territories of Canada, published by the Department of the Interior. The map identifies: Royal Canadian Mounted...