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1932 - [Japanese Invasion of Manchuria] Far East / War Fever

  • $14.99

Origional artwork for political cartoon drawn by Dorman H.Smith, a poltical cartoonist who worked in Cleveland and Chicago for over 30 years. Among Smith's more noteworthy milestones, in1924 he accompanied Ernest Hemingway to Pamplona, Spain. For a...


1932 - [Three Vintage Frank Kettlewell Cartoons]

  • $14.99

Original Pen and Ink Cartoons on Artist's Board This is a fabulous example of three cartoons by Frank Kettlewell, the renowned Oakland Tribune humorist. Like many of Kettlewell's works, each of these cartoons are surprisingly accurate in today's...


1932 - American Junior Red Cross at work

  • $14.99

Attractive vintage pictorial map of North America, published by the American Junior Red Cross and with art by H.M. Leslie Rundle. The central map of North America shows early European Settlements (in blue) and Discoveries (in pink) including "Norsemen...


1932 - A Food Map of the United States showing the part played by each of our States in supplying the Nation's larder

  • $9.99

Striking large pictorial map of the United States, produced for the Chicago World's Fair of 1933. The map was executed by Louis Delton Fancher, a well regarded graphic artist for the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A & P), as a...


1932 - A Descriptive Map of the Region Within One Hundred Miles of the Capital of the United States Portraying the Principal Events and Places of Major Interest in the Nation's Political, Cultural and Religious History Commemorating the Two Hundredth Anniversary

  • $21.99

Beautiful color-printed vintage pictorial map of "the region within one hundred miles of the capital of the United States", showing Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. The title cartouche illustrates Washington Cathedral, the publisher of the...


1932 - A Complete Map of Los Angeles Area and Guide To Olympic Games

  • $14.99

Highly detailed pictographic map, depicting Los Angeles, with a number of maps around the outer portion of the map illustrating various coastal and inland routes. The verso of the map extends from Riviera Country Club and USC and the Coliseum to City...


1932 - Road Map of the State of California

  • $14.99

Large color-printed folding map of the roads in California in 1932, produced by the State of California, Department of Public Works, Division of Highways. The legend shows the following: United States Highway Route Numbers High type, improved or...


1932 - San Francisco Metropolitan Area (Comprising the Nine Counties Bordering on the Bay)

  • $14.99

Fine birdseye view of the Bay Area, published by Pacific Gas & Electric Company. The view notes that it was presented to the San Francisco Bay Industrial Committee. In the section below the map is a Statement by Dr. Julius Klein, Assistant...


1932 - The City of Quebec with Historical Notes

  • $21.99

Decorative historical map of Quebec, richly adorned by coats of arms and historical facts.


1932 - Planta Informativa Do Centro Da Cidade Do Rio De Janeiro. Especialmente Organisada Para o Guia Briguiet Pelo Professor Arthur Duarte Ribeiro . . . 1932

  • $21.99

Detailed City Plan of Rio de Janeiro from a Popular Travel Guide Series Rare, thorough and accessible plan of the city center of Rio de Janeiro, made to feature alongside the well-known Guia Briguiet travel guides. From a golden age in Rio’s...


1932 - West Coast of Luzon Approaches to Manila Bay

  • $21.99

Finely detailed chart showing the approaches to Manila Bay, published by the US Commerce Department. The map extends to Botolan Point and Mt. Botolan in the northwest and Pamanga Bay, covering all of Subic Bay and the westernmost coastline of Manila...