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1935 - [Charles Lindbergh] Lindbergh Spirit of St. Louis

  • $14.99

Unusual portrait of Charles Lindbergh on linen, which was apparently intended a a do-it-yourself sampler. The item shows a pattern intended for embroidery, but only the left side of the Lindbergh's suit jacket has been stitched with black and blue...


1935 - Economy of the Pacific

  • $14.99

Smaller version of Miguel Covarrubias's iconic map from his Pageant of the Pacific series. This well regarded stylized map by the Mexican painter, illustrator, filmmaker and anthropologist Miguel Covarrubias, often called Mexico's Renaissance Man....


1935 - Nouveau Planisphere Officiel L'Empire Colonial Francais et les Possessions Colonales des Nations

  • $21.99

Interesting broadside map of European colonial possessions around the world. The map was published in Paris, circa 1935, as a map of the French colonial empire, but it shows all shows the colonial possessions of Great Britain, Italy, and lists the...


1935 - A New Yorker's Idea of the United States of America

  • $14.99

Scarce variant edition of Wallingford's iconic New Yorker's Idea Map. Clever pictorial map of the United States, whimsically depicting a massive New York and Brooklyn area, with a highly distorted and intentionally inaccurate representation of the...


1935 - Paul Bunyan's pictorial map of the United States Depicting Some of his Deeds and Exploits By R. D. Handy

  • $14.99

Rare pictorial map of the United States, celebrating the legend of Paul Bunyan. As noted by David Rumsey: Humorous pictorial map by R. D. Handy showing the adventures [of Paul Bunyan] across the United States, with illustrations and descriptive...


1935 - A Map of Agriculture and Industry in the State of Kentucky.

  • $14.99

Scarce vintage pictorial map of Kentucky, celebrating the state's agricultural industries, produced by Karl Smith, one of the 1930s' prominent makers of state pictorial maps. The map features an exhaustive list of Kentucky's 120 counties at the time,...


1935 - Official Map Chicago Zoological Park

  • $14.99

The Brookfield Zoo Map Shortly After Its Opening. A decorative early map of the Brookfield Zoo. The zoo extends to much the same size that it does today, though it is much less densely built up. The map is designed in an attractive pictorial style,...


1935 - A Cartograph of the University of Minnesota drawn from the stratosphere directly above the river bank on three successive mornings -- revealing much of the art of high education!

  • $14.99

Nadine Semans's 1935 Map of the University of Minnesota. The Biggest of Her University of Minnesota Pictorial Maps. Excellent pictorial map covering the University of Minnesota's original "East Bank" campus. Published by the Dayton Company to promote...


1935 - In and Out of Duluth

  • $14.99

Aiding The Visitor Who Seeks The Beautiful and Desires The Thrill of Stupendous Enterprise and Achievement. Pictorial map of the area around Duluth, Minnesota, promoting local tourism and business, drawn by Nelson A. Long for the Duluth Chamber of...


1935 - Minnesota invites you to Live-Work-Play in the Playground of 10,000 Lakes

  • $14.99

Attractive Vintage Pictorial Map of Minnesota, Featuring the State's Local Fish, Livestock, and Agriculture. The map illustrates fourteen species of fish and across the state the local produce and livestock species are illustrated pictorially. The...


1935 - Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Scenice Line of the World.

  • $14.99

Scarce early Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad promotional brochure, illustrated with a fine pictorial map of Colorado by Charles E. Dietemann (1902-1973). Focused on the rail lines of the Denver & Rio Grande Western, the map provides...


1935 - Fun Map of Southern California

  • $14.99

Striking pictorial advertising map, drawn by Raymond Winters in 1935. The map was originally published for the All-Year Club of Southern California and was issued both as a separate map and an advertising insert. Raymond Winters was a noted Western...


1935 - [Imperial Valley]

  • $14.99

America's Winter Garden Fine promotional map and pamphlet, promoting the benefits of the Imperial Valley as an agricultural opportunity for farmers. The map provides a fine pictorial overview of Imperial County, with pictorial vignettes highlighting...


1935 - Golden Gate International Exposition, Pageant of the Pacific

  • $14.99

Rare early view of San Francisco, "Courtesy of Pacific Dairy, Inc." for the Golden Gate International Exposition. The map provides a remarkable view of San Francisco, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance, the San Francisco Bay Bridge in the...


1935 - San Diego The California Pacific International Exposition

  • $14.99

This is one of the great California caricature maps, showing San Diego on one side and Balboa Park on the verso. This edition was prepared by Shell Oil Company for the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition. The map was drawn by Don...


1935 - San Diego The California Pacific International Exposition

  • $14.99

Decorative illustrated map of San Diego on one side and Balboa Park on the verso, prepared by Shell Oil Company for the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition. One of the great California caricature maps. The map was drawn by Don Bloodgood,...