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1939 - Album Filatelico y Geografico de la America del Norte (and) America Del Norte Filatelica (anonymous manuscript illustrations)

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Award winning pair of manuscript cards, prepared by Antonio Raggio for the 11th Congreso de la Union Postal Universal (World Postal Congress) Exposition Filatelica Internacional, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1939. The award was given to Raggio...


1939 - (Pro-Spanish Republic Political Broadside) [Lift The Embargo Against The Spanish Republic] President Roosevelt says . . .

  • $9.99

Anti-Neutrality / Arms Embargo Spanish Civil War Broadside Rare large political broadside, almost certainly printed in connection with the so-called National Conference to Lift the Embargo Against the Spanish Republic in late January 1939. The...


1939 - Flying visit of Truth to Berlin in the form of an R.A.F. leaflet raid here fancifully depicted ~ but not forgetting a great many hard facts ` by Rex Whistler

  • $14.99

Flying visit of Truth to Berlin Rare satirical cartoon map of illustrating the British Royal Air Force propaganda raid on Berlin in September 1939, published by Rex Whistler. The image shows a winged goddess Britannia, with a trident and shield,...


1939 - Air Routes Around The World

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Detailed vintage map of world air routes, with distances, including established and projected routes. The chart was published by the Hydrographic Office, under the authority of the Secretary of the Navy, in May of 1939. The map calls itself the first...


1939 - [World] Air France -- Nova et Vetera Sur La Vieille Terre Des Chemins Nouveaux

  • $21.99

Rare Early Air France Map Decorative Air France Map Poster by Lucien Bouche. Presents a lively pictorial map of the World, with Air France routes extending to Buenos Aires and Santiago, New York, Cairo, Beyruth (Beirut), Calcutta, Saigon, and Hong...


1939 - America Del Norte Filatelica

  • $14.99

Award winning pair of manuscript cards, prepared by Antonio Raggio for the 11th Congreso de la Union Postal Universal (World Postal Congress) Exposition Filatelica Internacional, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1939. The map shows a finely...


1939 - A Chart neither too Literal nor too Emotional, shewing the city New York replete with the wondrous Spectacles, Mysteries, and Pastimes of the natives... Done in the year of the New York World's Fair ~ 1939

  • $14.99

Fabulous Pictorial Map of Manhattan Published for the 1939 World's Fair. Fine vibrantly colored example of this scarce pictorial map of Manhattan published by Macy's department store (which is prominently featured on the map) and made by Russell...


1939 - Map of the New York World's Fair and Approaches . . . Approved by New York World's Fair 1939 . . . / Rapid Transit Map of Greater New York. Text: List of sights and skyscrapers

  • $14.99

Dawn of a New Day -- New York City -- The Wonder City Rare pictorial view and map of the World's Fair and Rapid Transit map of New York, published by C.S. Hammond for the World's Fair. The World's Fair side of the map provides a marvelous futuristic...


1939 - Tonto's Map of South West Texas -- Explained by Cactus Pete

  • $9.99

Decorative promotional map of Tonto's Southwest Texas, advertising for the Gordon Baking Company. Highlights the region along the Rio Grande which was the fictional home of the Lone Ranger and Tonto.


1939 - A More or Less Accurate Map of the Berkeley Campus University of California, Devised for California Monthly, In the Year of the Golden Gate International Exposition, 1939, with the purpose of calling to mind once again the features of Alma Mater, Giving a

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Showing The Berkeley Radiation Laboratory in 1939 Rare pictorial map of the Berkeley campus, by Artist Milt Schenkovsky (UC Berkeley class of 1937). The map provides a detailed treatment of Berkeley and the University of California Campus in the...


1939 - Points of Interest in and about Sacramento Capital of California

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An attractive tourist map of Sacramento produced for the city's 1939 centennial. The recto is centered on a map of Sacramento itself and the immediate vicinity, while the verso shows a map of the greater "Golden Empire" area from Mt. Shasta to Tuolumne...


1939 - Map of the University of California . . .

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Rare map of California, published by the California Club. The map identifies the existing University of California Campuses and labels a number of regional places where off campus educational and research programs were being conducted. Berkeley...


1939 - Newport Harbor Orange County Harbor District . . .

  • $14.99

An early pictorial map of Newport Beach. Decorative promotional map of Newport Harbor and Newport Beach, California, issued by the Newport Harbor Chamber of Commerce. Includes a number of lively vignettes.


1939 - (Golden Gate International Exposition Poster) Schenley Welcomes the '39'ers

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Unrecorded Poster for the 1939 Golden Gate Exposition. Beautiful and extremely rare color-printed poster prepared by the Schenley Distillers Corporation of New York as a promotional for the 1939 Golden Gate Exposition. The map features a '49er gold...


1939 - Official San Francisco Map compiled and distributed by San Francisco Convention & Tourist Bureau

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Sports Playland of America Detailed birdseye view style map of San Francisco, prepared by the Convention & Tourism Bureau for the 1939 World's Fair. A view of the Fair Grounds in the mIddle of San Francisco Bay is shown in an oval, with a larger...


1939 - [San Francisco] A cartograph of Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay Golden Gate International Exposition

  • $14.99

Fine example of Ruth Taylor White's large format map of Treasure Island and the San Francisco Golden Gate Exposition Fairgrounds, published in 1939. The map provides an aerial panorama of the exposition grounds, with a portion of San Francisco in the...