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1941 - Safeguarding Our American Liberty

  • $14.99

Provocative pictorial map depicting the United States Naval, Air and Coast Defense Bases. The map was created by Lambert Guenther to glorify the power and international reach of the United States military. The protective boundary of the air and sea...


1941 - City of Lockport, N.Y. Engineering Department. . . . 1941

  • $14.99

Detailed map of Lockport, New York, published for the Commissioner of Public Works. Includes an extensive list of public buildings, hotels and lodges at the bottom of the map, as well as industries, schools, and churches.


1941 - Recreational Map of West Virginia

  • $21.99

Scarce pictorial map of West Virignia, drawn by Smeltzer for the Conservation Commission of West Virginia, Division of State Parks. On the verso, there is a nice promotional tract for West Virginia's parks and state forests.


1941 - Historic Natchitoches Founded 1714

  • $9.99

Decorative pictorial map of Natchitoches, Louisiana, by Thelma Z Kyser. Thelma Kyser was a life resident of Natchitoches, Louisiana, who seems to have been very active in Women's Physical Education and Health issues. We can find no information about...


1941 - Arkansas The Wonder State

  • $9.99

Rare pictorial map of Arkansas by R.T. Aitchison, published by The Mentholatum Company. The map includes decorative vignettes illustrating the history and resources of Arkansas with a detailed text history of the state. R.T. Aitchison was a Witchita,...


1941 - Guide Map of Yellowstone National Park

  • $14.99

Don't Feed The Bears! Detailed 1941 map of old Yellowstone in Wyoming, published by the US Department of the Interior. Provides a fine overview of the roads, trails, campgrounds, hotels, geysers, and major points of interest in the park.


1941 - Official Tourist Map of Imperial County, California

  • $14.99

"The Palm of God's Hand" (Harold Bell Wright) Rare tourist promotional map, focused on tourism in the Imperial Valley. Centered on Brawley, California, the map includes vignettes highlighting tourist attractions, including the Salton Sea, Painted...


1941 - [California] Panorama of Progress -- California State Fair America's Largest Ten Day State Fair

  • $14.99

Fascinating pictorial map of California, prepared for the 87th Annual California State Fair, held between August 29, 1941 to September 7, 1941. The map presents a fascinating image of California, partitioned in 58 "color-laden" counties, each looking...


1941 - Les Eaux-de-vie de France Le Cognac Bons Bois

  • $14.99

The "Water For Life" of France Nice example of one of the Cognac regional maps from Louis Larmat's important atlas of the French Wine Country Atlas De La France Vinicole -- Les Vins de Bordeaux. After the success of this first volume covering the...


1941 - (Second World War - Allied Bombing of Germany) Offensive Aerienne des Allies contre l'Allemagne Jusqu'au 1 Fevrier 1941 [Allied Air Offensive against Germany Up To January 1st 1941]

  • $14.99

Broadside showing the location of bombing runs of the Allied bombers in Germany up to January 1, 1941. Inset map shows the heavy concentration of bombs in the Ruhr Valley, with a key locating the different types of facilities being bombed:...


1941 - (Second World War - Battle of Moscow) Zusammendruck 1:300 000 Kaluga-Moskau Befestigungseindruck 8.10.1941

  • $21.99

The Scene of the Wehrmacht Defeat Outside Moscow. Rare German plan of military positions and strategic landmarks between Kaluga and Moscow, published on the 8th of October, 1941, during the Battle of Moscow. The map shows the front as it existed in...


1941 - (Second World War - Crete) Blatt-Nr. I 35 NW KRETA Heereskarte Nicht für die Öffentlichkeit bestimmt!

  • $21.99

World War II-era German Army map of Crete, published shortly before the liberation of Crete from Germany occupation in October of 1944. The map is a sheet from the 1:500,000 Europa series and it is replete with topographical and political data. This...


1941 - Southern Luzon Western Sheet . . . 1941

  • $14.99

Highly detailed map of the southern part of Luzon Island in the Philippines, published by the US Coast and Geodetic Survey. The map shows topographical features, roads, towns, rivers, trails, lighthouses and many other details.


1941 - (Vietnam) Saigon | Dalat

  • $29.99

Southern Vietnam at the beginning of the First Indochina War. Scarce World War Two-era map of southern Vietnam, the Saigon region, the Mekong River delta, and adjacent parts of the South China Sea. The Saigon sheet credits the Survey of India 1944...


1941 - Le Guerre du Petrole [Caspian Sea and Northern Iran]

  • $14.99

Interesting map of the Caspian Sea, western Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Eastern Iraq, illustrating the so-called "Guerre du Petrole" (Petroleum War). The map focuses on the growing importance of the Middle East and the Caucasus to global...