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1957 - [Coffee, Tea, Vanilla & Spices / Pictorial Map of the World -- McCormick & Company]

  • $21.99

Decorative advertising and promotional map for McCormick & Company, promoting its world wide trade in coffee, tea, spices and flavorings. The map is a fascinating blend of pictorial map, historical map (showing the routes of many early explorers),...


1957 - TAI Transports Aeriens Intercontinentaux

  • $14.99

TAI Advertising Map of the World By Noted French Artist Luc-Marie Bayle Rare decorative world map, promoting the French Airline Transports Aeriens Intercontinentaux (TAI). Designed by Luc-Marie Bayle and printed in a limited print run of 500, this...


1957 - Gronland

  • $14.99

An attractive mid-century map of Greenland published by the Danish state-run cartographic institute. Greenland is shown in detail, and parts of Iceland, Baffin Island, and Svalbard are also shown. A legend is included, and the insignia of the...


1957 - North and Central California - The Land of Golden Horizons Served By Pioneer Gas and Electric Co. . . .

  • $14.99

Finely executed map of Northern and Central California, prepared by Pacific Gas and Electric. The map locates cities (by size), Railroads, Major Highways, Major Airports, Agricultura Areas and Wooded Aresa. Rarity We locate a larger example in...


1957 - University of California Berkeley Campus

  • $14.99

This is a great 1950s map of Berkeley, showing the campus in detail as it stood at the time. Many dozens of buildings on campus are named, as well as some features from the surrounding neighborhood. The verso includes an extensive index of places on...


1957 - Pacific Palisades California

  • $14.99

Fine promotional map and separate brochure, promoting the community of Pacific Palisades, Published by the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce, the brouchure includes numerous photographs and testimonial to the benefits of residential life in the...


1957 - A Map of Royal Britain

  • $21.99

Striking pictorial map of England, Wales & Scotland, published by the British Travel Association. The map is embellished with images illustrating the royal lineage and events of British history. Surrounded with the crests of different regions...


1957 - Victoria Harbour

  • $14.99

Detailed map of Victoria Harbour produced by D Survey, War Office and Air Ministry in 1957. There is a diversity of information communicated by the map including built-up areas, villages, "temporary native quarters", and isolated buildings in some...


1957 - Horuf | Restricted [Qatar and Bahrain] [on verso:] Bandar Abbas [U.A.E. and Strait of Hormuz]

  • $14.99

Detailed silk airman's map of Qatar and Bahrain and on the reverse and map of the present-day United Arab Emirates and Strait of Hormuz. The map has the U.K. Ministry of Defense Secrecy Rating "RESTRICTED". This is one of the most detailed maps...


1957 - [Qatar and Bahrain] Hofuf

  • $14.99

Detailed World War Two-ear War Office map of Qatar and Bahrain. This is one of the most detailed maps available from this era. It includes oil wells and oil pipelines, which were barely beginning to be built when this map was made. This map is...