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1959 - Carte Des Lignes -- Compagnie Generale Transatlantique French Line

  • $21.99

A Large Promotional Map for the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique. Decorative map of the Atlantic Ocean, highlighting the routes taken by the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, French Line between Europe and the Americas. The company was founded...


1959 - Broadacre City 1934-1958

  • $9.99

Fine promotional map illustrating Frank Lloyd Wright's Broadacre City. Broadacre City was an urban or suburban development concept proposed by Frank Lloyd Wright throughout most of his lifetime. He presented the idea in his book The Disappearing City...


1959 - Standard School Broadcast Pictorial Nature Map United States of America

  • $21.99

Lively "educational" map of the United States, produced for the Standard Oil Company of California (logo at the top right, in the compass rose). The map provides a rich tapestry of 100s of animals, birds, trees, reptiles, fish, plants and sea...


1959 - A Nation of Immigrants

  • $14.99

"The immigrants we welcome today and tomorrow will carry on this tradition and help us to retain, reinvigorate and strengthen the American spirit." Important vintage pictorial map by Daniela Passal, issued as a companion to John F. Kennedy's A Nation...


1959 - The Philatelic Institute's Stamp Map of the United States . . .

  • $21.99

Scarce 1959 edition of Ernest Dudley Chase's stamp map, published for the Philatelic Institute. The map includes images of US Postage stamps arrayed across the states, many placed thematically based upon the places to which they correspond...


1959 - Hammond's Fabulous Treasure Map

  • $14.99

Pirates and Treasure! Lively pictorial map of North America, providing the locations of famous treasures, real and mythical, disbursed throughout the region. From the Lost Dutchman mine to John Dillinger's stash near Mercer Wisconsin, The map details...


1959 - A Scott-Map of Harvard University and of Radcliffe College Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • $21.99

Decorative vintage pictorial birdseye view of the campus and grounds at Harvard, made by Alva Scott Garfield in 1959. The buildings on the Harvard campus at the time are pictured in a bird's eye view style. Note that Leverett Towers at the lower right...


1959 - Washington Warning Area Map I [and] Washington Warning Area Map II

  • $14.99

Nuclear War Evacuation Routes During The Cold War 1959 Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization map of Washington, D.C., published during the Cold War. The map extends from Falls Church and Springfield, Virginia to District Heights and Randolph...


1959 - Sausalito. Map of the City of Sausalito, Marin County, California

  • $9.99

Decorative map of Sausalito, with interesting illustrations and a history of the town at the right side of the map.


1959 - [Pictorial Map of the City of Hamilton] Places of Interest in The City of Hamilton and the surrounding Paris of Pembroke

  • $14.99

Rare vintage Bermudian pictorial map of the city of Hamilton, Bermuda. In the lower right corner of the map are the initials "KG." "HK." and "MN." This is usually the place where one would find the artist of the map, however, we cannot decipher them...


1959 - Slovenia, Jugoslavia

  • $14.99

Decorative pictorial map of Slovenia, published by the Slovenian Tourist Bureau. On one side is a lively pictorial map. On the verso is a road map of the northern part of Yugoslavia. Promotional text appears in English, French, German and Italian....


1959 - U B D Touring Map of New Zealand With the Compliments of Ohau Channel Camp . . .

  • $14.99

Decorative touring map of New Zealand, embellished with Mauri Warrior masks. Shows the main touring routes, railways, city bus routes, parks, etc. Large inset maps of Auckand, Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington. On the verso, there are smaller maps...